The Craftyfolk BNR is back!

Well, you probably realised I’ve taken a well earned break since Christmas and the madness of my first season of full on crafting/selling!

So when I heard that the fab Craftyfolk team on Etsy have announced the first BNR for 2013 I came running straight to my blog to tell you all (well, after tweeting, facebooking and sharing everywhere else I could).

If you can’t wait to take a look, pop on over to the preview here

I must admit that I do have a good reason to promote this so much (aside from the fact that my shop is included of course).  The team has recently had a somewhat phoenix like transformation and the new improved team has a lovely close knit community full of people who care more about promoting each other than promoting themselves – something I strongly believe is what Etsy teams are all about.

Please put the dates in your diary and even if you’re not looking for gift ideas right now do pop along and have a chat.

Craftyfolk BNR is 22 nd and 23 rd February, would love to see you there!

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