Getting my craft on

Yay, my mojo is back!  Motivation is high with my vision board pushing me on.  I’ve been crocheting, paper cutting and colouring in between work and study (and the all important family time.)

My moorland blanket which is part of  Attic 24 CAL is growing and I have finally reached the sky section.  I love the greeny blue yarns being used for this section.


img_0299Just wish I’d followed the advice to sew my ends in as I go….


Im so close to finishing this monumental paper cut too (design by Claire’s Papercuts).  I’ve enjoyed all the straight lines and angles and the effect is quite impressive.  Not in a rush to make a second one though!


My Awesome Marketing Planner has been, well, awesome for keeping me focussed on where my free time is.  When I’ve been in work mode but had a brain block, the colouring pages have proved really useful.  What an amazing way to stop the panic taking over!

I would love to see what crafts you have been filling your time with, and if you are following the moorland blanket CAL please share those too.  I know a few have been putting their own spin on it, and there have been some awesome creations!



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