Trying something new

When was the last time you challenged yourself?  You have an idea, a yearning to do something different, push yourself, broaden your horizons and mind.  Then the little voices start.  You have doubts, it will be too difficult, you aren’t good enough.  Do you stop and carry on as normal?

Why should the voices win?  Do they really know you that well?

I have an idea of something I would like to try.  I do however have many things going on, from my businesses, my degree course, a family, work and anything else life throws at me.  The voices are telling me I don’t have time for it, everyone else is doing similar so no one will want to buy from me.

Arrgghh, those pesky voices!!

What do you do?  Follow your dreams or focus on what you already have?

Please share your thoughts…
Cari xx

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