About Me

What defines me?  Well that depends on what hat I am wearing when we meet – on a morning I’m a wife and mother, caterer, chauffeur, and time management expert (also part sargeant major thrown in!).

Around 9 am I transform into successful business woman and avid crafter; designer maker, website designer (of sorts), social media junkie, tea lady, cleaner/housemaid and online chatterbox.

At lunchtime I don my checks and help serve lunch at the primary school (which also involves lots of washing up).

3 pm sees me revert to morning status and the remainder of the day is a mix of chief cook and bottle washer, sargeant major, peace envoy, childminder, teacher and part time crafter, followed by wife again some time around half 9.

I do all this from our home in the stunning county of North Yorkshire, which serves as my sanity and my inspiration.

I hope you enjoy following my blog – please feel free to comment or share your projects with me (even if it is just to keep me sane!)
Cari xx

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