New craft – learning to crochet

I remember as a child watching my grandma with her crochet hook and yarn, her hands feverishly constructing doilies, cushion covers and the like as if by magic. I had grasped the skill of knitting quite easily (although no doubt my family would say otherwise!) but crochet seemed like some weird science that was beyond me.

A couple of years ago I saw a learn to crochet series being advertised, so decided to try again. The Art of Crochet by Hatchette Partworks has simple and more complex patterns for you to make, and guides you step by step through the different techniques which had eluded me in my youth.

I decided to start with simple squares to make up the throw which is featured throughout the series – I have a short attention span which has seen me get fed up with larger knitting projects, so I thought this would be a good place to start.

My first square had a few tension problems! (it’s supposed to measure 13 cms!)



So I moved on to granny squares which once I’d got round the centre piece was quite easy, so I made two!



The next two squares are quite similar, they are waiting for embroidery detail to be added (I thought I would do all these at the same time.)




I’ve just finished this variation on the triple crochet pattern (above) which took a bit of getting my head around.  It has raised sections a little like rib with knitting – I think it looks quite effective but can be tricky to keep track of how many stitches across.



I’m now part way through a half treble square which again I’m finding tricky to keep track of the number of stitches across.  With knitting, you have a set number of stitches on your needle so you don’t need to concentrate too much on when to stop the row, but with crochet you are weaving into the top of each previous stitch and at the ends it can be hard to see where to stop for the turn.


It’s going to take me some time to finish enough squares to complete the throw but I am really enjoying my crochet at the moment – if you are busy with a new crafting skill or working away on a large project please share!