Handmade Christmas – budget busting shopping.

So this year I decided to try a handmade Christmas (both because of lack of funds and my desire to get back to basics a little).

“A handmade Christmas?”  I hear you cry in shock, “How do you do that?”  “What about the toys the children ask for?”

Ok, so I can’t fulfil everyone’s expectations with handmade, but it is amazing how many gifts you can get by either making yourself or buying (and supporting) another crafting business.

My quest started in September – every year I have used our attendance at Christmas fairs to get as much of my seasonal shopping done as possible.  My husband found some gifts for my nieces, and my own two found things they wanted too (which of course get sent off to Santa).

However, now with the last fair of the season done and dusted I find I am somewhat lacking in the present department and with the last posting date looming, the panic is taking hold.  Yesterday I trawled through my fellow teamies on Etsy and managed to tick a few things off the list (with the BNS this weekend on the Craftyfolk team I am sure to find more to buy!)  Now all I need to do is find the secret place I put my dads present – why is there always something that goes walkabout?

My own handmade creations are ready for my nieces and my youngest (who loves playing with dolls).  I wish I could think of things for the rest of my family as making everything myself would definitely keep the costs down, but my crafting skills are limited to knitting and sewing – will work on it for next year.

I always hand make the teachers gifts (did that trend start in the US?) as I think it is nicer and allows more of the limited budget for my kids.  This year we have strayed away from the usual cupcakes and gone for mini Christmas cakes which I thought the kids could help me decorate.  I’m sure the teachers will love that I tipped way too much brandy in with the fruit and left it soaking for a lot longer too!

I would love to hear if you are attempting a handmade Christmas and how you have found it?  Any tips or ideas would be gratefully received and of course if you want to check out Etsy you can always start with my shop 😉